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Welcome to ZUZU

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Film.Ca Cinemas Presents highlights a new film from our subscription catalogue each week and provides you with extra content to give you an in-depth look at the movie. Look forward to discovering some hidden gems, with extra content included to expand your film experience.

Some extras that may be included is the script, behind the scenes footage, conversations with the director or members of the cast, and more!

What's New

Look Again

About to end it all, a man is visited by his guardian angel who gives him a special pair of glasses that enable him to see if a person is good or bad.


The Drawer Boy

It’s 1971 and a Toronto performance troupe ventures out to Ontario’s countryside to research a theatre project. Miles, a young actor, befriends two aging farmers, a gruff workhorse named Morgan and his lifelong friend Angus, who suffers from memory loss.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Zuzu is a streaming service that offers an eclectic variety of TV shows, movies, shorts, documentaries, and more on thousands of devices.

Choose between a Monthly Subscription at $9.99/month or save money with the Yearly Subscription at $89.99/year. Some special events require an in-app purchase, such as Film.Ca Cinemas Presents which is a weekly $9.99 in-app purchase offering.

Your subscription gives you access to all content within ehTV, Main Street Cinemas and Film.Ca Cinemas Presents channels, as well as so much more. The subscription does not include access to special events through film festivals such as Oakville Festivals of Film and Art (OFFA).

Watch anywhere, anytime, on an unlimited number of devices. Sign in with your Zuzu account to watch instantly on the web at zuzuvod.com from your computer or on any internet-connected device that offers the Zuzu app.